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  • To provide health care with efficiency, quality, in a timely manner and at socially bearable costs to the population of its area, and to all citizens in general;
  • To conduct high responsibility teaching as the Hospital Unit of the Health Sciences Faculty of the University of Beira Interior, under the terms of Protocol no. 11/2001, published in Diário da República (Official Gazette), Series II of April 16, 2001;
  • To participate in pre- and post-graduate teaching, in collaboration with the Superior Schools of Nursing and Superior Schools of Health Technology, as well as others with which protocols may be signed.


The activity of CHCB, E.P.E is conducted, first and foremost, around the primacy of the patient, reflecting a governing culture of personalised and excellent care whose purpose is:

  • To provide quality, affordable health care on a timely basis, and within a compassionate environment;
  • To provide education on medical sciences, nursing, health technologies, and others, in conformity with national and international standards;
  • To conduct clinical and scientific research, promoting Portuguese science at international level, and contributing to support credible business initiatives in the health technology areas;
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in a sustainable economic and financial development framework;
  • To comply with the programme contracts and action plans;
  • To develop outpatient and home health care projects to minimise the impact of hospitalisation;
  • To develop and foment health care integration through active collaboration with the Health Centres within the respective area of influence, thus guaranteeing the complementarity of the care provided to citizens, and promoting synergies between hospital establishments, seeking profitability and improvement of the health care provided;
  • To develop training roles considered necessary for employees' performance, thus securing their professional development.

Company Policies

In the course of their activities, CHCB, EPE and their employees are governed by the following principles:

  • Legality, Equality, Proportionality, Collaboration and Bona Fide;
  • Humanitarianism in the relationship with both users and work colleagues;
  • Respect for human dignity;
  • Quality action, ensuring the best service levels and results;
  • Competence and responsibility.  

Click here for the by-laws of Cova da Beira Hospital Centre.

Tutelage powers and role of the State as shareholder:
- Role of the State as shareholder
- Tutelage Role
Financial - Ministry of Finance
Sectorial - Ministry of Health

Centro Hospitalar Cova da Beira, EPE
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